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Signet Costel Duval 700 pxl

internet back to the rapture 2
"BACK TO THE RAPTURE PART TT" original painting in acrylic and oil on canvas.

beerbong for the leprechaun internet
"BEERBONG FOR THE LEPRECHAUNE" original painting in acrylic on canvas

meteorite copy
"METEORITE" original painting in acrylic and oil on canvas.

internet the little chipdrunk
"THE LITTLE CHIPDRUNK"original painting in acrylic and oil on canvas
PRICE: $495.00
dimension 22.5"x22.5"

 the ghost painter canvas
"THE GHOST PAINTER" original painting in acrylic and oil on canvas.
PRICE: $995.00

back to the rapture
" BACK TO THE RAPTURE" original painting in acrylic and oil on canvas
DIMENSION: 27"x40"

"CABIN" original painting in acrylic,oil on canvas. PRICE: $795.00
DIMENSION: 24"x32"

"Cattawa" Original painting acrilic,oil on canvas PRICE: SOLD!!
DIMENSION: 24"x31"

bull's eye final internet
"bull's eye" original acrylic and oil on canvas.PRICE:950.00$

le louton vs le chaperon rouge internet
"chaperon rouge contre le loupton" original oil on canvas.PRICE:795.00$

chemin nature internet"
"CHEMIN NATURE" oil painting on canvas.PRICE:650.00$

horse spirit internet
"SPIRIT HORSE" original oil on canvas PRICE:$695.00

a rose from a ghost internet
title "A ROSE FROM A GHOST" original oil on masonite PRICE:SOLD!!!
SIZE:23.5"x15.5 (no frame)

chatperon rouge internet
acrylic on masonite

winter sun internet
TITLE: "WINTER SUN"original oil on masonite PPRICE "SOLD!!"
SIZE:15.5"x11.5"(NO FRAME)

under a dark moon internet
"UNDER A DARK MOON" original acrylic,oil on masonite. PRICE:$850.00(frame included)
size:24"x15" (with no frame)

camp internet
"CAMP" original oil on masonite.PRICE:$650.00(frame included)
size:24"x16 "with no frame"

ecureuille dans l arbre internet
" l écureuille" original oil on masonite.Price: SOLD!!!

chaperon rouge ak finale tif
"red at midnight" original acrylic &oil on masonite. price: $ 850.00(frame included)
dimension 20"x24"

moos rock with anklers round internet
"moose rock with anklers" original acrylic on masonite:price:$450.00$(frame included"

angel vs beast internet
"Angel vs beast" original oil on masonite.dimension:23.5''x17.5''
PRICE(frame included):$850.00

under a frozen moon internet
''under a frozen moon''original oil acrylic. dimension:19''x15''
price:( frame included):$495.00

a cold embrace INTERNET
"A cold embrace" original acrylic and oil. dimension:27"x21"(image only)
PRICE (frame included):$1100.00

S/N PRINTS 19"x15"PRICE:$150.00


"shelter" original acrylic on masonite.size:19"x15". PRICE:$595.00

s/n prints available.size:19"x15".PRICE:$150.00

deer mirge copy

"Mirage du chevreuil" original acrylic on masonite.PRICE:sold!!!

s/n prints available:size 19"x15" PRICE:$150.00

soleil geler dans une foret geler

"Soleil geler dans une foret geler" original acrylic on masonite
size:19"x15"(without the frame ) PRICE:495.00$(frame included)

s/n prints avalable.size:19"x15"price 150.00$

eve's ritual copy
‘’Eve’s ritual’’ original oil on acrylic on masonite. PRICE:$850.00
dimension 19’’x15’’
s/n prints available.PRICE:$150.00

identity crisis internet
« identity crisis of joseph ratzinger » original acrylic on masonite.PRICE:$795.00(with frame )

dimension:19’’x15 ‘’
s/n prints available. PRICE:$150.00

ordo ab chaos multiple copy

‘’statue of tyranny’’ original oil on acrylic on masonit:SOLD!!
dimmensions: 27’’x 21’’

s/n prints 19’’x 15’’ PRICE:$150.00

cold rivertif

« Cold river » original oil on acrylic,illustration board PRICE:$595.00

Dimensions « 19’’x15’’

S/n prints 19’’X15’’ price:$150.00

Costel the feeling final copy
‘’THE FEELING’’ original oil on acrylic on illustration board PRICE:$850.00
 dimension 19’’x15’’

s/n prints available same size . PRICE:$150.00

full moon rage copy
s/n prints available dimension 19’’x15’’PRICE:$ 150

internet preventive feeding

« preemptive feeding » original acrylic on illustration board PRICE:$750.00(with frame)
dimension 19’’x15’’ (no frame)
S/N prints available 19’’x15’’ PRICE:$150.00

internet le deille
‘’GOOD BYE’’ original acrylic on illustration board.PRICE$695.00(with frame)
dimensions:19’’x15’’(no frame)
S/N prints available,same size PRICE :$150.00

internet e pluribus unum

« e pluribus unum » original acrylic on illustration board.PRICE:$795.00 (frame include)
dimension 19’’x15’’

S/N prints available:19’’x15 ‘’ price$150

costel internet feel the cold of the sun
‘’Feel the cold of the sun’’ original acrylic on illustration board Price:$595.00(frame included)
dimension :19.5’’x15.5’’(without the frame
s/n prints available price:$ 150.00

costel internet-eagle at moos rock

« eagle at moose rock » oryginal acrylic on masonite board. PRICE:-SOLD!!
dimension 22’’x16’’( frame not included in size)

S/N prints available. Size 22’’x16’’ .PRICE:$150.00

internet costel -paysage de cotes

s/n prints available, size 19.5x15.5 Price:$150.00

internet costel- un repas piquant

‘’Un repas piquant’’ original acrylic on masonite board. PRICE:$650.00(frame included)
dimension 16’’x20’’(without the frame)
S/N prints available dimension:22’’x17.5’’ PRICE:$150.00

internet le chaud et le froid en symetrie

‘’Le chaud et le froid en symetrie’’ original acrylic on masonite PRICE:SOLD!!!

S/N prints available, dimension 22’’x17.5’’price:$150.00

costel- full moon landscape internet
‘’Full moon landscape’’ original acrylic on masonite board.PRICE:$495.00(frame included)
dimension:20’’x14’’(frame not included)
S/N prints available. 22’’x15’’ PRICE:$150.00

nouveau cart d'affaire

‘’Des fleurs de la part d’un mort’’ original acrylic on masonite PRICE:SOLD!!!

S/N prints available 22’’x 17.5’’ PRICE:$150.00

costel internat warme light in a cold landscape
« Warm light in a cold landscape » original acrylic on masonite board. PRICE:$ 550.00(frame included)
dimension:15.5’’x21.5’’(without the frame)
S/N prints avilable. dimension 16’’x22’’ price $150.00

Copstel internet-carnivorous moonlight

‘’CARNIVOROUS MOONLIGHT’’ original on masonite board PRICE:$750.00(FRAME INCLUDED)
dimention:15.5’’x20’’(without the frame)
S/N prints available.dimension’’22’’x17.5’’price:$150.00

Costel internet -never alone

-‘’NEVER ALONE ‘’ PRICE: SOLD!! ORIGINAL acrylic on masonite board

S/N prints available 23’’x19’’ $150.00

costel internet-speak to me

Title : Speak to Me! PRICE:$750.00 original acrylic on masonite board
DIMENSION:19.5’’x15.5’’ PLUS FRAME included
S/N prints available 19.5’’x15.5’’ $150.00

costel internet-le petit chaperon rouge

Title : Le petit chaperon rouge PRICE:SOLD!! s/n prints available 19’’x15’’ 150$

Costel internet-Rocki & blonde

Title : Rock & Blonde PRICE:$695.00 original acrylic on masonite board(frame included)

DIMENSION:19’’x15’’(plus the frame)
S/N prints available 19 ‘’x15’’ $150

costel internet  the frost at dusk
‘’ The frost at dusk’’ PRICE:SOLD!!
DIMENSION: 20’’x15’’
S/N prints available. 20’’x15’’ $150.00