Costel titre


costel internet feel the cold of the sun

‘’Feel the cold of the sun’’ original acrylic on illustration board Price:$595.00(frame included)
dimension :19.5’’x15.5’’(without the frame
s/n prints available price:$ 150.00

internet costel -paysage de cotes

s/n prints available.dimension 19.5’’x15.5’’ price:$150.00

internet le chaud et le froid en symetrie

« Le chaud et le froid en symetrie’ ’ original acrylic on masonite PRICE:$595.00(frame included)
dimension:22’’x16’’’ (without the frame)
S/N prints available dimension:22’’x17.5’’ PRICE:$150.00

costel- full moon landscape internet
‘’full moon landscape’’ original acrylic on masonite.PRICE:$495.00 (frame included)
dimension:20’’x14’’(without the frame)
S/N prints available. dimension 22’’x15’’ PRICE:$150.00.

costel internat warme light in a cold landscape
‘’warm light in a cold landscape’’ original acrylic on masonite PRICE:$550.00(with the frame)
dimension15.5’’x21.5’’(without the frame)
S/N prints available16’’x22’’ Price:$150.00

costel internet ruisseau d'automne
‘’Ruisseau d’automne’’ PRICE: SOLD!!!

S/N Prints available .dimension 17’’x22’’ PRICE:$150.00

costel internet-quand le soleil se cache du froid

Title : When The Sun is Hiding From The Cold ORIGINAL:SOLD

Print available S/N 16’’ X 24’’ $150.00

costel internet-rayons a travert la foret geler

Title : Rayons traversants la forêt gelée

Original, image size 18’’X 22’’ Acrylic on masonite $595.00 frame included
s/n prints available 18’’x22’’ $150.00

Costel internet-cold sunset

Title : Cold Sunset


S/Nprints available 20’’x22’’ $150.00

costel internet-paysage riviere ottawa

Title : Ottawa River

Original, image size 16’’X 20’’ Acrylic on Masonite $450.00 frame included

s/n prints available 16’’ x 20’’ $150.00

costel internet-cabane sous ciel rouge

‘’cabane sous ciel rouge’’ PRICE:SOLD!!!!

S/N prints available: dimension Price:$150.00

costel internet-brume calme sur l'eau
brume calme sur l’eau
ORIGINAL acrylic on masonite . Price: $ 450.00(frame included)
DIMENSION:16’’x24’’(without the frame)
S/N prints available .dimension 22’’x14.7’’ PRICE:$ 150.00

costel internet chute et rayon


S/N print available dimension 22’’x15’’ price $150.00

Costel internet- dans les bois

‘’DANS LES BOIS’’ original oil on canvas PRICE:SOLD!!

S/N prints available

costel internt-silent storm

‘’silent storm’’ original acrylic on canvas PRICE:$395.00(frame included)

dimension:22’’x14’’(without the frame)
s/n prints available. dimension22’’x14’’ PRCE:$I50.00