Costel titreCostel internet-hot winter night

‘’hot winter night’’ PRICE:SOLD!!
DIMENSION:27x21.5(plus the frame)
S/ N prints available : 17’’x22’’ price: $150.00

Costel internet- la belle du camp

‘’la belle du camp’’ PRICE: SOLD!!!
S/N prints available: 22’’x14.5’’ price: $150.00

costel internet- coup de foufre

‘’COUP DE FOUDRE’’ PRICE:$750.00 original acrylic on masonite board(frame included)
DIMENSION:21’’x17.5’’(frame not included)
s/n print available:21’’x17.5’’ PRICE:$150.00

costel internat-a moment of passion

‘’MOMENT OF PASSION’’ original acrylic on canvas PRICE:$995.00(frame included)
dimension:30’’x20’’(without the frame)
S/N prints available PRICE:$150.00